Doug Cavanah Photography | About
I am a seeker of fleeting moments. My quest is to capture the instant when that perfect light kisses a subject to create a moment in time of visual harmony. My photographs are a personal expression of emotions coming from finding beauty in our everyday surroundings. My insatiable desire to record the natural splendor of the world around us drives me to surrender my time and passion to photography.
Photography has been a major influence in my life for nearly 40 years. I became interested in photography in high school, and after graduation from Western Carolina University, I worked for a decade as a newspaper photographer for The Tampa Tribune. In 1999, I became intrigued with panoramic photography and began a career as a fine art photographer. Using light and weather as the "paint" of my photographic palette, I strive to create photographs that posses a compelling powerful life-size dimension. My photographic destinations have taken me throughout the United States, Europe, the South Pacific, Central America, Australia and Asia.

My photographs are available in galleries across the country and you will frequently find me at some of the best art festivals in the nation.